Homeline phone plans

Get capped calling, unlimited national calling and you can bundle all your Farmside services into one handy bill.

Homeline Phone Plans

Homeline Calling Plan

$68.00 / month

$55.00 connection fee applies

  • Capped calling options

  • *Unlimited calling to NZ landlines for $10/month

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Second Line

$68.00 / month

$55.00 connection fee applies

  • A second line will suit any household or small business for when just one line is not enough.

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Toll Rates

  • Any NZ landlines – $0.24/minute
  • Any AUS landlines – $0.29/minute
  • Any USA & UK homelines – $0.33/minute
  • Any NZ mobiles – $0.39/minute
  • Any USA mobiles – $0.33/minute
  • Any AUS & UK mobiles – $0.60/minute
  • Click here to view all other international calling locations and rates

Capped Calling

Benefit from our capped calling (up to 2 hours).

  • Any NZ homelines – $3.00
  • Any AUS homelines – $3.00
  • Any USA & UK homelines – $4.50
  • Any NZ mobiles – $5.00

Talk Packs

  • NZ mobiles 1 hour – $10.00
  • NZ mobiles 2 hours – $15.00
  • NZ mobiles 4 hours – $25.00
  • NZ mobiles 6 hours – $30.00
  • NZ mobiles 8 hours – $35.00
  • NZ mobiles 10 hours – $40.00
  • AU mobiles 1 hour – $15.00
  • AU mobiles 2 hours – $20.00
  • AU mobiles 4 hours – $30.00
  • AU mobiles 6 hours – $40.00
  • AU mobiles 8 hours – $50.00
  • AU mobiles 10 hours – $60.00

Only one mobile talk pack can be added per month.

Unlimited NZ National Calling

Benefit from unlimited national calling (NZ landlines) for $10/month (maximum individual call duration 2 hours).

Smart Calling Features Pricing and User Guide

Call Minder $10.01


Call Waiting $4.03

Audible beep when you’re on a call and another call is waiting

Call Divert $4.03

Divert your phone to another number

Call Remote $4.03

Enables the Call Divert service to be turned on or off from any phone

Call Dual $4.03

Allows a public and private number on a single line

Call Fax $4.03

Fax calls have a different ring to normal calls, so you know to let the fax pick up

Call Display $4.03

Displays the number of the person calling you. Requires compatible phone or display unit

Call Withhold Free

Dial 0197 before making each call to prevent your number being displayed

Call Restrict $4.03

Set a PIN to be entered before a toll call will proceed

Call No Disturb $4.03

Turn your home phone to silent

Call Hotline $4.03

Your phone will ring a pre-set number if the receiver is lifted for longer than eight seconds

Call Link $23.00

Directs calls to your new number when you move house

Call 0900 Blocking Free

Prevent your home phone from calling some or all 0900 numbers

Call Smart Pack $16.45

Includes Call Minder, Call Waiting, Call Display

Call Toll Bar $46.00

Prevent your home phone from calling any toll calls (setup fee only, no ongoing monthly costs)

Click here for the Homeline Smart Calling Features Guide

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