Mobile support

We don’t just sell you a plan and see you on your way. Our door is always open and we’re at the end of the phone if you need any help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I  keep my existing mobile number?

Yes, you can keep your existing mobile number and there is no charge
Do not disconnect with your current provider until we have moved your number over

What mobile network do you use?

We use the One NZ Mobile network to provide our mobile service to you

Calling and SMS Charges?

See our rate card for charges that apply when calling or SMS to special numbers, international destinations and satellite phones

Can I Roam and use my Farmside mobile service overseas?

Yes you can, you can find all you need to know about roaming by going to

What is my Max Speed Data?

Max Speed Data refers to the data that is delivered at the maximum speed available on the One NZ network. The speed experience is dependant on your location and the device you are using.
Once you have exceeded your Max Speed Data allowance, your speed will be reduced to a maximum speed of 1.2Mbps.

How will I know when I have exceeded my Max Speed Data allowance?

You will be sent a TXT notification at 80% and then again at 100% to let you know that you have exceeded your Max Speed Data limit, and that you will still get Endless Data at reduced speeds
You can  also check your data usage at anytime in MyFarmside.

What should I do if I keep exceeding my Max Speed Data allowance?

If you keep exceeding your Max Speed Data allowance then you can upgrade your plan.

Can I use 5G on my Endless Mobile Plan?

Yes you can but you will need a 5G capable phone and be in a One NZ 5G coverage area. 5G is available in selected NZ cities and will continue to be rolled out. Check our coverage map for available areas

What is the usage period

Our usage period is from the 1st to the 30th/31st of the month. This is our usage period every month for all mobile related services (eg: data, calls, roaming)


Companion Group Plans FAQs

What are Companion plans

Companion plans are perfect when you have friends, family or anyone you want to add to your Primary Regular $60 or Premium $70 mobile plan onto the one bill. You can add 1 or 2 or 3 people to your plan and you only pay $35 per month for each additional plan, where everyone has their own Endless data, minutes ad TXTs every month.

What Pay Monthly plans can I have Companion Plans added

Companion plans are available with the Regular $60 plan and the Premium $70 plan.

How can I get a Companion Plan added to my Pay Monthly Mobile plan

Call the Farmside team on 0800 32 76 74 and they will talk you through whats the best plan for you

What do my Companions need to know before I add them to my Primary plan

Because you are the Primary plan account holder, you effectively take control of the Companion Plan mobile phone number and are responsible for all the monthly charges incurred, including the plan charge and any charges that are not included in the plan like International calling and messaging.

As the Primary Plan holder, you will be able to:

  • See a record of all calls and TXT messages sent and received from each number (but not the content of the calls or TXTs).
  • Change the Primary and Companion plans in the group(e.g. downgrading or upgrading the plan type, adding the call bars to prevent international dialing.
  • Terminate or suspend the Primary plan and/or the Companion plan.
  • Move your number to another provider.

See our Pay Monthly Terms for more information

What happens to my current plan when I move to a Companion Plan?

If you already have a Pay Monthly plan:

  • You are responsible for any outstanding charges that remain on your account at the time of joining a Companion Plan.
  • If you have any add-ons or discounts on your existing plan/account, they will not be applied to the new Companion plan.

Wi-Fi Calling FAQs

What is Wi-Fi Calling?

Wi-Fi Calling uses a Wi-Fi connection to make and receive calls over the internet when there’s a weak mobile phone signal, either in New Zealand or overseas. All devices connected to the Wi-Fi Calling service will also send and receive texts over Wi-Fi. Within New Zealand, all calls will try to connect to the mobile network first, and then try to use Wi-Fi if the mobile signal is too weak.

How do I setup Wi-Fi calling ?

  • Check if your phone supports Wi-Fi calling.
  • Make sure you have updated your phone to use the latest software version.
  • Select Mobile settings and turn on Wi-Fi Calling.
  • Connect to a Wi-Fi network.

Does Wi-Fi Calling cost extra?

There’s no extra charge for enabling Wi-Fi calling, all calls you make will use minutes from your plan allowance as usual, and international or special calling rates apply, and texts (SMS/MMS or TXT/PXT) message will be charged as usual.

What is a good Wi-Fi Connection?

Wi-Fi Calling requires a Wi-Fi connection with at least 100-120kbps of bandwidth to ensure a better experience.

Please note local interference and Wi-Fi traffic load may impact the Wi-Fi Calling experience at certain times.

How will broadband data usage be charged when I’m using Wi-Fi Calling?

Broadband data is needed to use Wi-Fi Calling and will use your broadband data cap allocation when using Wi-Fi Calling via your Broadband connection.

How do I know if Wi-Fi Calling is being used?

The Wi-Fi calling icon (image attached) will be displayed on your device, at the top of your screen.

Can I use Wi-Fi Calling overseas?

Yes, you can. Just connect to any available Wi-Fi and turn on Wi-Fi Calling to be able to call and TXT as if you are still in New Zealand. You don’t need to turn on Roaming to use Wi-Fi Calling so you won’t be charged roaming rates, however your minutes and TXTs used over Wi-Fi Calling will come out of your mobile plan allowance.

Please note that calls will drop once you leave Wi-Fi coverage, and you will then need to turn on Roaming or connect to another network to make a call.

What if mobile signal is low and Wi-Fi calling is not available?

In some case the signal level might not be low enough for Wi-Fi calling to be active, you can then put the phone into airplane mode and follow the steps under How do I setup Wi-Fi calling ?


How do I setup Mobile Hotspot

  1. Turn on tethering or your Personal Hotspot on your phone
  2. Choose your phone from Wi-Fi settings on your computer or tablet
  3. Enter the password you setup for your Wi-Fi connection on your phone

Connect using a USB Cable

  1. Turn on tethering or your Personal Hotspot on your phone
  2. Connect your devices using the USB cable
  3. Go to settings on your phone
  4. Select your phone from the list of network connections available

Connect using Bluetooth

  1. Turn on tethering or your Personal Hotspot on your phone
  2. Pair your phone and your device
  3. On your phone, select Pair and enter the code displayed on your other device
  4. Select your phone from the list of network connections available


Provides you with the ability to leave a recorded message when you are busy on an existing call or not available to answer, or your phone is switched off or out of a mobile coverage..

Voicemail box access number
(available both locally in NZ and when overseas)
Short-dial access code
(available in NZ only)
+64 29 1600 600 606

Listen to messages when in New Zealand from another phone

Voicemail can be accessed if you don’t not have your mobile phone with you by using a landline or another mobile phone, you can access your voicemail using two of the following options.

Option 1
  1. Dial your mobile number
  2. Wait for it to forward to voicemail
  3. Once the greeting starts press # (if the record your message part has begun press ##)
  4. Enter your voicemail PIN then press #
Option 2
  1. Call 029 1600 600
  2. When the voicemail voice playback begins press * twice
  3. Enter your mobile number when prompted
  4. Enter your voicemail PIN when prompted

Initial Setup

There are three steps to setting up MVNO subscribers’ voicemail for the first time.

  • Recorded Name: The subscriber will be prompted to record their first and last name.  The name is played back  during certain voicemail menu operations
  • Personal greeting: This is the message people who are diverted to voicemail will hear. The subscriber will be prompted to record their greeting.
  • The voicemail PIN: This is a 4-6 digit number that is needed when checking the voicemail from a landline or another mobile. The subscriber will be prompted to save a PIN. For security reasons the PIN cannot be any of these:
    • Sequence of numbers, e.g. 1234 or 9876
    • Set of repeated numbers, e.g. 222222
Once setup subscribers can:
  • Listen to new, played and saved messages
  • Send messages direct to other mailbox users
  • Change personal and system settings.
  • Listen to or change the personal greeting
Voicemail Menu Options

The main menu options available (for the first two menu levels) are as follows:

  • To listen to your messages – Press 1
  • To send a message – Press 2
  • For personal options – Press 3
  • For other settings – Press 4
  • To change your personal greeting – Press 6
  • For help – Press 8
Send message

The Send Message option in voicemail allows a subscriber to record a message and send it directly to the recipients Voice Mail box, without ringing their phone.

Things to know
  • The message can only be played once
  • When the recipient ends the call while the message is playing, it will be treated as having been played in full
  • The recipient will receive a text advising them they have a new message
  1. Dial 606 or 029 1600 600
  2. Press 2
  3. Enter the mobile number of the person who will receive the message.
  4. Press
  5. Record the message
  6. Press # (to end)
  7. Press 2 to send

The subscriber will hear a verbal confirmation that the message was sent successfully.


One NZ current voicemail platform, hosting mainly mobile subscribers’ voice mailboxes, sends the following SMS notification messages:

New Message notification  (NMN)
Who Called notification  (WCN)


The voicemail box owner will receive an SMS when their Voicemail PIN is changed.

Voicemail box owners receive an SMS when three or more successive unsuccessful attempts are made to access the subscribers Voicemail using the wrong PIN.

If the PIN is entered incorrectly, whoever has entered the PIN incorrectly will also be disconnected on the third and every successive entry. The Voicemail box owner will receive an SMS on the third unsuccessful attempt and also for every successive attempt.

The SMS message content is as follows:

Your Voicemail PIN has just been changed. If this was changed by someone else please contact your service provider.