Multi-site plans

Get connected from the house to the cow shed to the bach, all wrapped up in one convenient monthly account.

Save $20 per month on every additional Farmside connection.

Add one or more Broadband Plans and save $20 per month on each additional plan. No matter what the service is RBI Wireless, Urban Wireless, ADSL, VDSL, Fibre or Satellite. T&Cs apply.

Multi-Site Plans

Add one or more Broadband Plans and save $20 per month on each additional plan.

No matter what the service is - RBI Wireless, Urban Wireless, ADSL, VDSL, Fibre or Satellite.

  • Get connected in more places. Save $20 per month on our new Multi-Site combos.

  • Available on plans $56 per month or above. View plans and charges.

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Additional plans and charges

Broadband Service Primary Plan Monthly Charge Additional Plan Monthly Charge
RBI Wireless 200GB plan $95.99 $75.99
RBI Wireless 400GB plan $125.99 $105.99
Urban Wireless 600GB plan $65.00 $45.00
Urban Wireless Unlimited Plan $65.00 $45.00
ADSL or VDSL Unlimited Plan $92.00 $72.00
Fibre Unlimited Plan $79.99 $59.99
Satellite 10GB Plan $99.00 $79.00
Satellite 40GB Plan $125.00 $129.00
Satellite Unlimited Plan $159.00 $179.00

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Multi-Site Terms and Conditions

The $20 Multi-Site monthly discount is available to Farmside customers with multiple broadband connections which can be made up of either RBI Wireless, Urban Wireless, ADSL, VDSL, Fibre or Satellite broadband plans.

There must be two or more active broadband plans charged and billed to the same account, the $20 monthly Multi-Site discount is applied to any subsequent broadband plans only. The discount is not applied to the first primary broadband connection.

The $20 multi-Site discount is only available to additional Broadband plans with a monthly rental of $56.00 per month or higher.

If the first or primary broadband plan is removed, one of the additional subsequent plans can be appointed as the primary and will therefore then pay full price for that plan.

A 24-month service term applies. Early Disconnections apply.

If you have any additional discounts applied to your existing Broadband plans, they won’t be applied to the additional subsequent broadband plans.

Factors such as the performance of your modem, location of the server you’re connected to, the performance of your device and your in-home Wifi setup can impact the speeds experienced.

For wireless connections, factors such as the distance you are from a cell tower, the network capability and the overall use of that cell tower by the other consumers can impact the speed experienced. Sufficient 4G coverage and capacity is also required.

Capped Plan prices exclude data cap overages.

Modem must be returned if the plan is terminated in the first 12 months.

Phone is delivered using our Digital Voice (VoIP) service where calls are delivered over the RBI Wireless Broadband connection. See our Broadband Terms and Conditions for more details.

Services such as monitored alarms, faxes, medical alerts and Sky may not work over the Broadband and phone (VoIP) service. You will need to check with your supplier.

If power is not available then broadband, and any services which run over it including voice calling (and all calls, including emergency calls to 111), may stop working unless there is battery backup in the home. We recommend always having a charged mobile phone ready to use as a backup.

The RBI Wireless Multi-Site 50GB plan is a Secondary plan and the $20 monthly discount does not apply.

In the event the Primary RBI plan is terminated, the RBI Wireless Multi-site 50GB plan must also be terminated or be replaced with either a 200GB or 400GB plan, see Rural Wireless – Farmside for plans and changes.

Farmside Broadband Terms and Conditions apply, Farmside Standard Terms and Conditions and Fair Usage Policy applies.