Companion group plans

We make it easy to keep the whole family connected for less. With a Companion Group plan, you can add up to three people to your plan and you’ll pay just $35/month per additional companion plan.

Companion plans

Endless Mobile Regular 15GB

Primary plan holder $65 / month

  • Companion plan 1
    $35 / month

  • Companion plan 2
    $35 / month

  • Companion plan 3
    $35 / month

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Endless Mobile Premium 40GB

Primary plan holder $70 / month

  • Companion plan 1
    $35 / month

  • Companion plan 2
    $35 / month

  • Companion plan 3
    $35 / month

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Companion Group Plans

You can save even more with our Companion Group plans. Add up to 3 people to your $65 Regular 15GB or $70 Premium 40GB Pay Monthly mobile Plan and each Companion will get the same plan for $35.00 per month/per person.
Everyone gets their own Endless data, calls and TXT to standard NZ and Australia phone numbers to use as they want. Each Companion plan must be the same as the Primary plan holder (eg. if the Primary plan holder is on the Premium 40GB plan for $70 p/m then each Companion plan (up to 3) must be on the Premium Plan and must be on the same billing account as the Primary Plan account holder. The Primary Plan account holder must pay the cost for each Companion Plan and any additional charges that are not included in the plan.

Mobile plans

We have the plan for you with endless calling and text to standard NZ and Aus mobiles and landlines. You can bring your number with you too.

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Calling and SMS charges

Zone Destination Country Calling Charge Messaging SMS Charge MMS Charge
Zone 1 New Zealand $0 / per min SMS/MMS Messaging $0 / per SMS $0.20 / per MMS
Australia $0 / per min SMS/MMS Messaging $0 / per SMS $0.51 / per MMS
Zone 2 UK, Ireland, USA, Canada $0.69 / per min SMS Messaging $0.20 / per SMS not available
Zone 3 Rest of World $1.39 / per min SMS Messaging $0.20 / per SMS not available

Things to Know

International Calling Rates & SMS/MMS Charges – A full list of International calling and SMS charges by destination country can be found here

There is a minimum one minute charge for each voice mobile call. After that calls will be charged by the minute.

If Call Forwarding is activated, forwarded calls will be charged at the applicable rate for the forwarded to number.

If a call is added to a multi-way conference call, the charge will be at the applicable rate for the called number destination.

Special Calls made from within New Zealand

From Calling to Charge per/min Prefix code
NZ Satellite Phone – Global Star $4.03 881, 6114
NZ Satellite Phone – Inmarsat, Iridium $11.50 870, 882, 8812, 8813, 8816, 8817
NZ Automobile Association – Roadside Assist $0.00 *222
NZ Coastguard – Marine Assist $0.44 *500
NZ Police Non-Emergency – Traffic Safety $0.44 *555
NZ Accurate Traffic – Traffic Issues Reporting $0.44 *2000
NZ Directory Services – Directory Listing $0.98 018
NZ Call Minder – Answer Phone Service $0.12 83210
NZ Emergency Services Operator – $0.00 111


Voicemail is provided as part of the Mobile Plan. Calling charges do not apply when calling to retrieve a message.

606 Short-dial access code (within NZ) +64 29 1600 600 Access number within NZ & overseas

Voicemail return calls (press 0 #) are charged at the applicable rate for the destination of the calling party.

For Voicemail setup go to

Daily Roaming

Stay connected while travelling overseas and roam for just $8 per day and use your Endless Pay Monthly plan minutes, TXTs in over 100 Daily Roaming destinations.

Know exactly what you are spending, nothing to setup – just switch your phone on, includes calls & TXT within the Daily Roaming destination and to NZ & Australia.

See what Daily Roaming destinations are available here –

Find out more here

Wifi Calling

You can make and receive calls and TXTs in any location when connected to the internet through a Wifi network across New Zealand or overseas, this is especially useful when there is a weak or no mobile signal.

Wifi calling works like normal calling and there are no additional charges as it’s included in your Pay Monthly Endless Plan.

You will need a Wifi / VOLTE capable mobile phone with the latest software and has been enabled by turning on Wifi calling in your mobile phone settings.


Allows you to share your Pay Monthly mobile plan data allowance by connecting or tethering to another device such as a laptop, tablet, etc using tethering.

Tethering is a feature in a mobile device for sharing the internet and data with connected devices using the mobile phone Wifi, Bluetooth, or a USB cable. See our guide on how to setup Hotspot.

Terms and Conditions

Maximum Speeds reduced to 1.2Mbps after full speed data allowance has been exceeded. Fair Use applies

The amount of your full speed data allowance varies depending on the plan you have selected

A $10 per month On Account Mobile discount applies when customers have both an active Broadband and Mobile plan. In the event once of these services is terminated the discount is removed.

Endless calls and TXTs are person to person calls and TXTs to NZ and Australian mobile and landline phone numbers. Excludes premium numbers i.e. shortcodes. For Personal Mobile use only.

Calls are charged per minute, and rounded up to the closest full minute.

An $8 SIM postage and handling fee applies.

To use Wifi Calling, Farmside customers need a VoLTE enabled voice calling plan, an eligible phone with Wifi Calling turned on & a good quality Wifi connection.

If you use Hotspot it will use your Endless Mobile Max Speed data allowance, Maximum speeds reduce to 1.2Mbps once the full speed data allowance has been exceeded.

5G is included in the Pay Monthly Endless plans at no extra cost for a limited time.

Farmside International calling rates and TXT rates can be found –

Mobile International Talkpack calls and Txt can be made at any time, for any duration up to the allocated number of minutes or Txt to standard and mobile and landline numbers, once the allocation has been reached standard international rates apply. Multiple Talkpacks cannot be purchased. The Talkpack is available from the date of purchase to the last day of the calendar month and are billed one month in advance where you elect to buy for future usage period.

You can monitor your usage on MyFarmside.

Farmside Standard, Mobile and Roaming Terms apply.