Re-sign 100gb extra data terms and conditions

  • Offer is only available to existing Farmside customers re-signing their RBI Wireless 120GB plan or 200GB plan for a 24-month term.
  • See for eligible plans. 100GB free data Booster: will be applied for each month of the 24 month term that the customer has an active 120GB or 200GB RBI plan with Farmside.
  • You are not able to downgrade to a lower RBI Wireless broadband plan when taking the 100GB free booster for 24 months. Any unused 100GB booster data will not be carried forward to the following month. Once the 100GB booster has been consumed, any further usage will use the broadband plan data allowance.
  • If this has been fully consumed then overage up to 6GB will apply charged at the overage rate, the connection will then be throttled.
  • Throttling can be removed by adding further data boosters. Early Disconnection Fees apply if you disconnect within the 24 month term, see
  • Offer available until 31 October 2022, unless Farmside, in its sole discretion, chooses to extend it. Farmside’s Standard, Broadband and Terms and Conditions apply see