Oops! Looks like you’ve been busy and you’ve reached your usage limit.

And because you’ve reached your monthly data cap and used more than 5GB over your plan, we have throttled your broadband speed.

What does ‘throttling your broadband speed’ mean?

This means we have intentionally slowed down the speed of your internet.

Why do we throttle?

We realise that Satellite data is expensive and we do this because we don’t want to bill you too much for data that you use over your monthly plan.

​What can you do now?

To get the brakes lifted off your broadband speed AND not pay for expensive overage charges (Satellite overage is $0.03 per mb x 5GB = $153.60), we recommend buying data boosters ($40 for 5GB) to cover what you’ve already used over your monthly plan PLUS any additional data you might need from now until the end of your usage period (which is typically the 21st of the month).

​How do I buy more data?

There are two ways to buy more data;

Buy boosters from My Farmside  Contact customer support

Things to note:

  • Overage rates will apply if data boosters are not added to your plan
  • To help you monitor and manage your usage, we send you email notifications when you reach 80%, 100% and 120% of your data cap
  • The usage period resets on the 21st of each month