You’ve been busy!

You’ve gone over your monthly data cap by at least 6GB (including boosters), so we have throttled your internet service. Throttling means we have slowed your internet right down to dial up speeds.

Our Wireless overage rate is $5.00 per GB, so 6GB equates to $30.00 in overage charges. You can get around paying this fee by buying a data booster to cover the extra data you have used.

You’ll need to make sure you purchase the right data booster to cover your existing overage charges as well as ensuring the booster will cover any additional data you might need from now until the end of your usage period.

Throttling is only temporary. Your speeds will go back to normal when you add a booster or from the 21st of the month.


Visit to add a data booster.


Any time data boosters purchased via MyFarmside

  • 15GB – $20
  • 50GB – $67
  • 100GB – $133

Off-peak midnight to 5pm data boosters

  • 150GB – $15
  • Unlimited^ – $29

​Off-peak boosters must be added for a minimum of two months. ^Farmside’s fair use policy applies.

Please note:

  • Overage rates will apply if a data booster is not added to your plan.
  • We endeavour to send email notifications when you reach, 80%, 100% and 120% of your data cap to help you monitor and manage your usage.
  • The usage period begins on the 21st of the month.